About Us

We're Kalli and Kater, two sisters with one big idea: helping others make gift-giving easy, personable, and unique.

As busy young moms with active families and babies on the hips, we were troubled by the shortage of quick, simple 'pick-me-ups' to give to those in need. With time always in short supply, making someone feel loved was often more stressful than joyful. 

We're on a mission to bring back the joy. Our love for giving hand-picked, bagged and bowed gifts runs deep, and we're excited to take this love a step further by helping others do the same!

Send a gift! Whether it's good times, hard times, a birthday, loss, or celebration, we know you'll appreciate the ability to send a heartfelt gift with ease, and the recipient will be forever grateful.

Our mission is to make sure our gifts are always just this. Simple, personable, and sure to deliver a smile.